Hi, my name is Veronica.

Like most people, I can say it’s hard to write about yourself, especially, when you express yourself through photographs. But let me try…  

 I’m originally from Belarus. I can speak, understand and read a few different languages. Ironically, I studied Italian for two years, but don’t speak it. I love all Italian though, and would love to travel to Italy one day.

I’ve always wanted to live in an English speaking country. So, in 2006 I moved to the US. 

Becoming a photographer wasn’t a long planned career path for me. It happened kind of randomly, when a friend introduced me to my first DSLR camera. I then bought it from him and took pictures of everything…  


In 2013 I started Veronica Green Photography and been specializing in wedding and portrait photography ever since. 

Why weddings and portraits? … I love working with people and capturing their stories. I love how camera sees differently and lets you capture the best and unrepeated moments in people’s lives. I love to be able to freeze happiness and genuine emotion on photographs. I love meeting new people and thankful for their trust and openness.  

Some personal information about me. “But first coffee” is how I start my day. I live in Ridgefield, CT with my husband and two kids. I enjoy family time, hiking, road trips and active pass time. I’m a foodie. I like antiques and rustic farm style design. I appreciate simplicity in everything.